Double Cluster Single Bucket Milking Machine

Halab Best milking machine price in pakistan


Main Frame With Wheels
25.Liter Milk Bucket
Stainless steel Claw
Food Grade Liner
Electrical Motor 0.5 HP
Price 93,000/- With Installation



Save Time and Money With Double Cluster Single Bucket Milking Machines


Time is an important factor in every business but it holds immense importance in the dairy business. When you look for ways to reduce the time being taken to milk the cows keep in mind that the solution always lies at a low cost and quick speed product. Halaab provides you with top quality double cluster single bucket milking machine is also called doodh nikalne wali machine in the Urdu language. This machine not only works at a faster pace reducing the time taken to milk the cows but it also makes sure that the whole process is completed without any difficulty or complication.


We Offer Online Shopping Options As well


Halaab understands the importance of time when you’re running a dairy business and this is why we make sure you don’t have to spend extra time looking for a cow milk sucking machine. We provide you with a better option that is to buy online single bucket double cluster machines and get it delivered to your doorstep! The milk sucking machine price we offer is market competitive and you won’t regret shopping from us!


Get Market Competitive Prices For Milk Fetching Machine


The biggest issue in the dairy farm business is handling the cows and buffalos and making sure that they are milked on time so that the dairy supply won’t be hindered. This is where the milking machines can help you. The single bucket double cluster milking machine price we offer is affordable and this machine can help solve many of your problems. The timely delivery of your milk and growing profits will make our milk fetching machine price look worth it!


A Portable Milking Machine Is A Solution To All Your Problems


Technology is here to make your life easy and your business profitable. You can now get a portable milking machine in Pakistan without any hassle. We can also provide you with an automatic cow milker machine which will instantly increase the productivity of our dairy farm. Portable milking equipment is a quick and healthy solution to your milking problems because you do not need to train the machine like you have to train the labor working at the farm and neither do you have to bear any fixation costs. The machine can move from cow to cow or buffalo to buffalo for milking.