Single Cluster Single Bucket Milking Machine

Single Cluster Single Bucket Milking Machine in Pakistan

Get Best Cow Milking Machine Price in Pakistan:

Halaab Milking Machine is the perfect answer for every sort of farming. from little crowds run of the mill of rising nations to the cutting edge business farm, to drain invalid or treated cows. In the dairy business, time is exceptionally valuable. With Halaab Milking Machines Pakistan, you will drain milk your cows in a fast and hygienic way. It unquestionably builds the quality and amount of milk. If you want to buy milking machine Pakistan then, You can purchase online any item from our website.

Milk Nikalne ki Machine Price:

Single Cluster Single Bucket milking Machine

Single Cluster Single Bucket milking Machine:
Main Frame With Wheels.
25.Liter Milk Bucket.
Stainless steel Claw.
Food Grade Liner.
Electrical Motor 0.5 HP.
Price 68,000/- With Installation.

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Single Cow Milking Machine In Pakistan


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Mobile Milking Machine for Cows


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